Emerging Technology Stocks

Innovative Graphene Extraction and Industry-Disruptive Products

Delivering Innovative Health-Tech Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Enhanced Mining Exploration

Science Based Photocatalytic Oxidation and UVC Products for Infection Prevention and Wellness

Expanding A Portfolio of Free-to-Play Legendary Mobile Games

Developing Disruptive Biofarming Technology for the Cannabis Industry

HydroGraph Clean Power: Synthetic Detonated Graphene

Making Cryptocurrency Accessible

Changing How the World Makes Battery Materials

A Portal to the Blue Economy

A Diverse Portfolio of Highly Prospective Gaming and Digital Media Companies

Transforming Aging One-Way Grids into Digitized Multi-Directional Smart Grids

Bold Innovations in Military Defense Software and Equipment

Avricore Health: Empowering Patients with Rapid Testing in Community Pharmacies

Smarter Food Tech Solutions via Ghost Kitchens

Developing Low-code Platform Solutions

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Developing the Innovative Data Protection Solutions of the Future

Empowering Innovation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Upgrading Natural Gas into a Renewable Energy Source

Developing Personalized Off-The-Shelf Immunotherapy Treatments for Cancer Patients

Investing Expertise and Capital in Blockchain Technologies

Carbon Emission Reduction and Fuel-saving Technology

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